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Marijuana Bong Beginner Guide: Purchase, Use and Cleaning

Jul 5, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Believe it or not, the marijuana bong has been a tool of choice for over 2,000 years. Nomadic warriors, called Scythians, smoked from golden bongs to ready themselves before battle.

With a track record like that, you may wonder: what’s made the cannabis bong a favorite for centuries?

Many appreciate bongs for their artful designs. Others point out that bong hits are gentler on the lungs when compared to marijuana pipes. But not all bongs are created equal, and it’s important to find one that matches a user’s needs.

For beginners looking to buy a new bong, the variety of products on the market can be vast and overwhelming. Which bong material is the most durable? What accessories provide the smoothest hit?

In this guide, you’ll learn the answers to all these questions – plus a few more expert ins and outs. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to pick, use, and clean a bong that’s a perfect fit for you.

Choosing the Right Material

Picking the right material can make or (literally) break your first marijuana bong. There are several popular types to choose from: glass, silicone, acrylic, and ceramic. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Ask yourself about durability and budget. Where are you going to be storing your bong? How much money are you willing to put into getting the cleanest hit?

The better you understand your smoking habits, the easier it will be to pick a bong material.

Silicone: The GoPro of Bongs

Drop them, bend them, fold them in half: silicone bongs are the most durable of your four options. Their flexibility also makes them easy to clean or store for travel.

If you tend to have butterfingers, silicone is your best bet against ruining a good high with a broken bong. No one wants to mop up bong water, after all.

Silicone bongs – like acrylic bongs – are also usually cheaper than other materials.

Acrylic: An Affordable Option

A quick search for “cheap cannabis bong” will likely land you on a page for acrylic bongs, which can cost less than $20.

But while they are affordable, many users recommend against buying acrylic or plastic bongs. Some low-quality models may contain toxic chemicals. Other users say the material can alter the taste of a hit – and not in a flattering way.

Ceramic: Tried and True

Having been used for more than 100 years, ceramic is the oldest kind of bong material. Ceramic bongs may shatter if dropped, but they have very little affect on the taste of a hit – unlike acrylic bongs.

Artistic variety is another appealing aspect of ceramic bongs. They are often hand-crafted and can look more like art pieces than water pipes. If you value aesthetics with your marijuana, ceramic is for you.

It can be rare to find these bongs at a smoke shop or dispensary, but some sellers specialize in ceramic pieces.

Glass: The Popular Choice

When you hear the word “bong,” a glass piece is probably what you picture in your mind. There’s good reason for that: glass bongs are easy to find and come in many fun designs.

You can also add accessories to glass bongs that allow for cleaner, smoother hits (more on that later).

The most notable downsides to glass bongs are their pricing and fragility. A starting price for these pieces is typically $50 and can spike up to several hundred. And unsurprisingly, glass bongs are the easiest to shatter when dropped or bumped.

The Importance of Bong Size

Now that you’ve picked a bong material, consider what size would work best for your smoking habits.

Mini pieces (usually 4 to 7 inches tall) are best for people who are on the go or need to be discreet. While these pieces are compact and easy to store, they have less room for air to circulate. The smaller the space, the harsher the hit.

Medium pieces (between 8 to 14 inches tall) are considered the optimal choice for daily use. These bongs aren’t as discreet as mini pieces, but they can still be stored in large bags or cabinets with ease.

Large pieces (15 inches and taller) allow for the most airflow before smoke reaches a user’s mouth. The cleanest hits come from large bongs because of that extra space.

Accessories for Your Marijuana Bong

Customization doesn’t have to end when you buy a piece. Add-ons play a large part in making a bong uniquely your own.

So, what are some of the most common bong accessories? And how can you use them to enhance your cannabis use?


If you want an even smoother hit from your bong, ashcatchers are the accessory you’re looking for. Like the name suggests, these pieces are attached to a bowl, catching ashes before they can enter the body of a bong.

Ashcatchers have two functions: filtering smoke and maintaining the cleanliness of a bong. By keeping particles out of the bong water, they prevent grime and help to diffuse a hit.

Dab Nails

Looking to smoke cannabis concentrates, but don’t have the budget for a dab rig? Dab nails allow you to convert your bong into a rig for a fraction of the cost.

Adding this accessory to your bong is as simple as switching it out with your normal cannabis bowl. Take caution when removing it, as nails tend to stay hot for longer periods of time.

Cleaning Plugs

This accessory won’t enhance your bong, but it will make cleaning less of a hassle.

By creating an airtight seal, cleaning plugs prevent spillage when you want to rinse out or move a bong. They are also useful in subduing the scent of recently used bongs.

Cleaning Your Marijuana Bong

A bong is only as good as its maintenance; a clean, cheap piece is better than a grimy, expensive piece. Plus, a dirty bong can lead to serious health concerns.

Luckily, the ideal solution is cheap and accessible: isopropyl alcohol and rock salt. The higher your alcohol’s percentage, the more effective it will be.

In order to clean your bong, you must first remove its detachable pieces (like the bowl and mouthpiece). Then, pour your mixture of isopropyl alcohol and rock salt into the bong.

Shake the mixture inside the piece for 5-7 minutes. If you own cleaning plugs, they can be used to patch up holes and prevent spillage. Lastly, the bong should be rinsed with soapy water.

How frequently should you clean your bong? Experts say as often as you can, but at least weekly.

Looking for the Perfect First Hit?

Now that you know the basics of your marijuana bong, what’s next?

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