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Joint Rolling 101: How To Roll The Perfect Joint

Jul 19, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Want to know how to roll the perfect joint on your first try?

The cannabis industry has been on the rise after many states legalized marijuana. Though many cannabis users smoke for recreational purposes, it also has medicinal benefits. It can help manage pain and sleep.

Whether for recreational or medical purposes, a well-rolled joint can get you the best results. Find out how you can roll the perfect joint as a newbie in this article. Read on to discover more about this perfect joint rolling guide.

1. Gather What You Need

Ensure to prepare all your materials before you start rolling. This allows you to avoid any distractions when you begin making your joint.

Strain of Choice

Make sure your cannabis strain is well-stored to retain its quality. It also maximizes the potency of your weed. You can also check with a dispensary to discover the best cannabis strain for you.

Rolling papers

Many new joint rollers find it difficult to handle the paper when they first start rolling. Your rolls will become too loose, and you may end up wasting some of the product.

Using stronger rolling papers can help you avoid a lot of tearing moments. In time, you can start working with delicate papers.

Cannabis grinder

It’s good to have a cannabis grinder ready if you’d like to make the process faster. It also helps to have a pen close by, or something similar, to help in your joint rolling session.

2. Start Grinding

To begin the process of perfect joint rolling, grind your weed to workable shreds. The easiest method to achieve this is to use a grinder. You can also break your weed up by hand or scissors.

Using these methods can make the process sticky. This will make the managing of your joint paper more difficult.

Grinding is also better in ensuring that your cannabis stays dry. Sticky, wet chunks of weed don’t burn well.

3. Make a Crutch

A joint crutch is a filter you put at the end of the joint. Crutches add stability to your joint and help avoid burning your fingers. They also stop any weed from falling from the end of your joint into your mouth.

Having a crutch in your joint is more of a preference than a need. Although, a good crutch can give your joint a firmer foundation for a perfectly rolled joint.

You can create a crutch with any material, like business cards. But some joint papers have crutch materials in their packaging as well.

In folding your crutch, create a couple of accordion folds at the end of the material. Then roll it to whatever thickness you prefer for your joint.

4. Assemble Your Joint

The next thing to do on how to roll the perfect joint is to assemble your joint. Assembling is one of the most delicate steps in joint rolling.

The cover flap on the pack of your joint papers serves as a flat edge scooper for you to place the weed on the paper. You can also use unused business cards as a scooper if you don’t have a pack. Using your hands to transfer the weed is also an option, but it is time-consuming and frustrating.

In assembling the perfect joint, place the crutch, if you made one, at the end of your rolling paper. You can then begin transferring the weed using your flat edge scooper. Fill the paper with around 1 gram of your well-grinded cannabis or shake.

Once you’ve filled your paper, use your fingers to even out your weed pile so that a uniform amount is across the centerfold. This will help give your joint a smoother finish. When you have done this, you can shape the joint to your desired shape with your fingers.

5. Rolling the Joint

Rolling the joint is the step that almost all first-timers have the biggest trouble with. It’s a process that gets easier after a lot of practice. Don’t feel disheartened if you make a lot of mistakes.

Start by pressing the front flap of the paper closest to you over to the flap with glue on it. Continue pressing the flap down until the weed begins to create a cylindrical form.

It’s crucial to push with the right pressure. When you roll your weed too tight, it will not light up. Not enough pressure can result in a loose joint, and it will burn your weed faster.

When you’ve pressed down, and the weed is about to pop out, stop. Lick the glued flap and begin twisting upward. Some people suggest you do this in one fast motion.

If you want a more careful approach, try repositioning your fingers with each successive twist. Do this until the joint is complete. You’ll figure out which way works best for you as you continue to practice.

You can use your pen to help pack the end of your joint. This gives you an equal burn when you light your joint.

6. Light It Up

After creating your joint with these perfect joint-rolling tips, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The best way to light your joint is at the tip from the tip of a lighter flame.

Sticking the joint tip into a direct flame can scorch it too much. This will create runs in the paper that will destroy your smoking session. Ensure not to place your lighter too close to the joint to get the most out of your weed.

Tips on Rolling the Perfect Joint

Preparing the materials you need beforehand, grinding your weed, and assembling your joint with a crutch is essential. When it comes to rolling, pressure is everything. Rolling up the perfect joint can be tedious, but it makes your smoking session worth it.

Now that you know how to roll the perfect joint, it’s time to crush some leaves. Looking for a specific strain or more perfect joint rolling tips? Find out more about where you can get the best weed for your sessions by contacting us now.