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How to Store Edibles: 8 Tips to Maximize Marijuana Potency

May 21, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

If you have ever been personally victimized by the experience of biting into a cannabis-infused brownie that feels more like a hockey puck, you are in the right place.

Edibles are the perfect option for discretely (and deliciously) consuming cannabis, but storing them correctly is key when it comes to enjoying both the taste and the effects.

Keep reading to learn our 8 best tips for how to store edibles so that you can enjoy the elevation without any degradation!

1. Label and Lock

The only thing worse than a stale edible is a missing one.

When it comes to how to store cannabis edibles, the most important tip (especially if you have roommates) is to label and lock up your goods. Edibles are the easiest cannabis-infused product to mistake for a normal good, so you must take extra precautions when storing them.

Follow these two steps to keep your edibles safe and sound:


If your product is not pre-packaged with information on the label, make sure to label your edibles with the date you purchased/made them, the dosage, and the ingredients (if it includes any allergens.)

Useful tip: keep a roll of painter’s tape and a permanent marker in the kitchen, that way you can easily stick your label onto whatever container you choose!


A label is great until your edible falls into the hands of someone who can’t read– aka a child or a pet. After you label your edible, make sure you put it into a safe and secure area, like a locked cabinet or a high shelf.

2. Airtight Containers

The ultimate nemesis of your edibles is air. When edibles are exposed to air, the food products and the THC are both affected.

Besides the stale taste, though, you can also lose potency. When exposed to air, THC turns into Cannabinol (or CBN for short.) CBN is known for causing sleepy and groggy effects, which can turn your post-work relaxation session into a night on the couch.

Storing your edible in an airtight container, like a glass or plastic food storage container, can drastically decrease the oxidation of your product.

3. Come to the Dark Side

Another strong opponent in the fight against you enjoying your edibles is light. Like air, light can also cause THC to convert to CBN.

The potency isn’t the only thing light can affect, though.

Even if your product is in an airtight container, light can still cause your product to sweat and/or melt. You wouldn’t like to be stuck in a clear, airtight box that’s placed directly in the sunlight, would you?

Keeping your airtight containers in a dark location will make your edibles last much longer.

4. Moisture No More

Much like air, humidity and moisture can creep into your edibles, making them soggy and even inedible.

When moisture hits gummy edibles, it often starts as “weeping”, which is when the gummy edible begins to leak moisture but doesn’t necessarily lose shape. If you notice this on your edibles, immediately dab them off with a dry towel and put them in an airtight container.

Moisture doesn’t only affect the look of your edibles, though. Moisture can cause your ingredients to spoil and mold faster, making them inedible.

5. Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Happen to have more edibles than you can consume in one night?

Firstly: you lucky dog!

Secondly: You need a way to keep those edibles fresh. That’s where your freezer comes into play. Edibles can be kept for longer amounts of time in the freezer, but they must be stored correctly or else their quality can degrade over time.

Tip: Wrap your edible in parchment paper rather than plastic wrap, as plastic can often affect the taste and/or stick to your edible.

If freezing a liquid, make sure to leave extra room in your container, as liquids expand when they are frozen. No one wants a canna-mess in the freezer!

Even after taking all of these precautions, make sure to eat your frozen edibles within 6 months. Bacteria and mold are always on the move, even in the freezer.

6. How to Store Edibles in The Right Materials

As mentioned before, certain materials and containers will be more helpful to you in the fight against spoilage.

Airtight glass or plastic food storage boxes are your best bet when it comes to storing baked goods and gummy edibles. Adding parchment paper around these goods will also keep them from sticking to the container.

When it comes to storing oils, dark tinted containers will be your best friend. These containers help to keep out as much extra light as possible, prolonging the freshness of your oils.

Whatever material you decide to use, make sure you are following the steps above. These are the baseline essentials in keeping your edibles fresh.

Want to take some extra steps to keep your edibles even fresher? Keep reading!

7. Additives: Lecithin

If you are making your own treats, there are a few different additives that can help your edibles last even longer.

Let’s first discuss Lecithin as an additive.

Adding lecithin to your edibles will help your ingredients bind together rather than rejecting each other and falling apart.

For example, when cooking with cannabutter, you may find that your cooking ingredients are not mixing well with the butter. Lecithin can be used to remedy this!

Lecithin can also extend the shelf life of your edibles, as it prevents the separation of fats and waters.

But that’s not all Lecithin can do! It can also increase the potency of your cannabis by binding the ingredients and making them easier to digest (including the THC and other cannabinoids).

8. Additives: Edible Desiccants

If you are looking for tips on how to store edible gummies, the second additive that will prolong the freshness of your gummy edibles is an edible desiccant.

A desiccant is a substance that is used as a drying agent (like the little packets in beef jerky or shoeboxes.)

You can make your own edible desiccant by dusting a 2:1 cornstarch to powdered sugar mixture onto your gummies. This helps to prevent weeping and melting.

You Deserve a Treat

Congrats! You now know exactly how to store edibles and how to keep them fresher for longer!

If you’re hungry for more information on edibles, we’ve got you covered there too! Check out our blog post on the “5 Benefits of Edibles”.

Is all this reading making you hungry? Might be time to crack into that dark, dry, airtight container full of cannabis goodies…

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