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How to Leverage Product Photography to Sell More Cannabis Products

Feb 22, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Increasing cannabis dispensary sales can be tricky because of advertising roadblocks. Many digital marketing platforms have created certain guidelines for marijuana ads. 

You have to seize every marketing opportunity to grab your customer’s attention. One of the best investments you can make to create a better impression is product photography. Only captivating images can make your product stand out.

The better your product photography, the more cannabis sales you can make. Here’s how to explore cannabis photography and leverage it for product success.

Cannabis Product Photography Tips

A portfolio of cannabis photos is one of the things you’ll need when linking up with new customers or listing your dispensary. It’s the key to outshining other dispensaries and drawing attention to your products.

For those reasons, it has to be exceptional. Here are the cannabis product photography tips to consider before you take your camera. 

Do Your Research

The cannabis industry is vast so many niche differences can affect product photography. For instance, recreational marijuana photography and medicinal marijuana photography are two different worlds.

Before shooting:

  • Make sure you understand your niche inside and out
  • Look into product photography designs in your niche by analyzing competitors’ websites and blogs
  • Study trending color approaches and visual styles

Conduct some research even as an experienced cannabis dispensary owner. 

Select High-Quality Products

Your cannabis product will most likely translate its quality grade in your photography. If you’re photographing buds, make sure you get high-quality ones for optimal results. For instance, look for the densest and frost green buds when you want your image to appeal to your followers.

Authenticate Your Product Photography 

There’s still a lot of judgment behind weed products. So your product photography has to bring a modernistic feel. One way to do that is to authenticate your photos by involving real people in your photography. 

Seek inspiration from other e-commerce businesses to make your photos realistic. Use images that cannabis users can relate to. You can bring in farmers, an artist, local users, or soccer moms.

Focus On Your Niche

Cannabis is diverse and has users ranging from young adults to the elderly. People also have different reasons for consuming pot products. This means you have to know who you’re marketing to before you start product photography.

Recreational weed users are likely to be more fascinated with cannabis lifestyle photography. People looking for medicinal marijuana might like photos with a medical feel. 

How to Photography Weed Like a Pro

You have a picture of the direction that your product photography will take. But are you ready for the first shot? Do you have all the product photography equipment needed for quality cannabis shots? 

Here is the product photography equipment you need for cannabis shoots:

  • A quality DSLR camera
  • Lens─ a macro lens for close-up (trichome) cannabis photography
  • Telephoto lens for getting personal with distant subjects
  • Normal lens for general-photos
  • Wide-angle lens to show off your entire greenhouse
  • A tripod to avoid shakeups and get accurate shots

You can also get backdrops. Try a black and a white one for product photography. You can get other colors when you want aim for bolder images.

Create a Product Photography Setup

Make sure to have all the product photography equipment in place. It’s time to prepare your setup and get the photos rolling. Here are some tips to help you create a perfect setting for quality photos. 

Setting Up Your Camera

You may feel there’s no need to find a good DSLR camera because you can use your iPhone. But don’t make that mistake when you’re looking for a competitive edge with product photography. A DSLR camera will give you more versatility because of the various lens and larger sensors. 

A DSLR camera will also give more quality thanks to your control over apertures and ISO settings. For instance, you can set your DSLR camera to ISO100 or 200 for cleaner results if you’re taking outdoor photos. Setting your white balance to auto may also improve color accuracy in your images. 

Experiment More

With more people getting into cannabis photography, there’s no one way of shooting. You have to experiment with different elements and designs to stand out. 

Photograph different strains and varieties to build a large portfolio of photos. Focus on every part of the plant or the product and shoot from different angles and backgrounds. 

Play With Lighting

Having adequate lighting is important for both outdoor and indoor cannabis photos. You also have to consider the time of the day and the light intensity for the best shots. 

Take outdoor photos in the morning to get your buds gleaming in the soft morning sunlight. Avoid extreme lightning and play around with various light setups. 

Take Realistic Shots

While it’s crucial to stay creative, sometimes you can go overboard. You have to ensure that your photos are true to life.

Avoid flawless or unrealistic photography that looks artificial. Most cannabis users are conscious people. They’ll probably prefer realistic photos. 

Have Variety in Your Portfolio

As much as you want to follow cannabis trends, you don’t have to limit yourself. Explore your product photography ideas. Try to venture into the themes that haven’t been explored before. 

Learn Proper Editing

Editing gives your photography a professional touch. Focus on the aspects that matter like composition, brightness, and contrast. 

Avoid using heavy filters or else your weed photos could lose their quality. Improve value by cropping out all necessary parts that seem to distort your photos. 

Why Product Photography for Your Cannabis Business?

Quality product photography can bring out every detail in your products and immerse people in your store. Customers also want to see high-resolution images of your dispensary and the products. Take your time when taking your weed photos for the best results. 

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