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How to Grow and Succeed as a Weed Delivery Business

Feb 11, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

12% of Americans admitted to smoking marijuana in one 2019 Gallup pole. The real number is higher because not everyone will admit they smoke weed in a survey.

If this statistic is accurate, that means that close to 40 million Americans admit to smoking marijuana. If you are involved in the cannabis industry, tapping into this market should be your primary concern.

The top way to secure your section of this market share is to keep your business relevant. Offering a weed delivery service is one of the best ways to do this.

Being COVID-Safe

In the olden days delivery services only applied to pizza restaurants. Nowadays almost everything offers a delivery option. Since the onset of the pandemic, delivery services have taken off.

This is because delivery is considered to be a much safer option for consumers than visiting stores in person. It limits social interaction and helps people maintain social distance from one another.

The CDC offers some guidelines for delivery services. To maintain COVID-safety, make sure that all of your delivery drivers are familiar with these guidelines to protect themselves and others.

Being known to the consumer as a COVID-safe business is integral to your weed delivery marketing strategy. It will help your bottom line and also help you do your part during this ongoing health crisis.

Online Weed Delivery Service Tips

You need to decide right away if you will be strictly an online retailer that offers a delivery service, or will have a brick and mortar dispensary location as well. If you already have an existing dispensary then this makes things easy.

If you don’t yet have a dispensary but are planning on opening one, check out this handy guide on how to open a marijuana dispensary.

Your delivery service should incorporate phone applications. This allows customers to order your products with ease and convenience. Putting your service at a customer’s fingertips with a phone app is always a great idea.

Applications alone are not enough. You should also have a well put together website for computer access that showcases your products and displays prices upfront to the customer. 

Avoid adding hidden fees and show your customer the true cost of their purchase upfront. This will maintain your business’s integrity in the eyes of the consumer.

If you choose to charge a delivery fee, make sure that you tell the customer upfront. Nothing makes your clients angrier than getting nickel and dimed for hidden fees when they are purchasing their weed.

Use social media whenever possible to market your products. Put together a clever and funny ad campaign to help with your branding strategy. Make sure to do some basic weed delivery advertising in multiple mediums.

Understand that consumers use weed location services to find stores and delivery services near them. 

Running Your Weed Delivery Service

There are three main things you should be concerned with most when it comes to your weed delivery service. Mastering these three tenants of weed delivery will ensure your business is a success.

Product Quality

The first is the quality of your product. Only carry the finest marijuana, but make sure to have different price tiers.

Your pricing is also reflected in your quality. If you offer higher quality products you can charge higher prices. If you offer lower quality products, make sure to price these accordingly.

Rotate your inventory often to give your customers a wide and ever-changing selection. Contact local growers to get the best deals and help support your local farmers. 

Make sure to keep a couple of favorite staple strains in stock as well. Customers will learn to love certain strains and keeping these around will ensure their continued business.

Customer Service

The second thing you want to make sure you get right is your service. This encompasses customer service on all ends from the ordering, to the delivery, to the follow-up.

Make sure that your online interface is easy to use and provides a contact us section. Putting in a chat box where an online associate can help guide your customers through every step of the way is also a great option.

Next, make sure that your delivery drivers are prompt and timely. Structure their pay so they care about their job.

Commission with deductions for late orders or customer complaints about their service is one great strategy to make sure that they are cordial and on time. Treat your drivers well and they will take pride in their work.

Make sure to offer call-in options as well. Sometimes customers don’t want to deal with an online interface and just want to talk to a real person. Make sure to hire customer service representatives that are knowledgeable and friendly.

Span of Delivery

This is the total area that your delivery service covers. It usually is best to stick to one city or metro area. 

Make sure your span of delivery encompasses hot spot areas with high customer traffic. Figure out a way to structure your delivery fees so that your drivers are not overburdened. 

It is a balancing act developing the right amount of areas to be serviced but analyzing this facet is very important. If your territory is too large you will not be delivering weed in an efficient manner.

If it is too small you will not be taking advantage of all the potential customers out there. Find your happy medium.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Having a weed delivery service gives your business the cutting edge over the competition.

As the marijuana market continues to grow with increased legalization nationwide, you need all the tools in your toolbox to secure your spot at the table.

Start a weed delivery business today. When you do make sure to get recognized by a qualified consumer dispensary locater to ensure that you’re not getting buried by the competition and remain visible to consumers.