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High on Life: Exploring the Different Types of High

Apr 2, 2021 | FAQs

Are you wondering what the different types of high are so that you can be prepared when finding the right cannabis option for you? The experience of being high may differ for everyone based on our own unique reactions and tolerance. Additionally, the strain that you use can have an effect on the type of high you experience. 

Keep reading to learn more about some of the different types of highs so that you can find the solution you’re looking for. Here, we will cover some of the best and worst highs so that you can find a product that works for you. 

What Does a Good High Feel Like?

Because everyone has a different purpose and expectation when it comes to using cannabis, feeling a “good” high is somewhat subjective. People experience being high in many different ways. However, there are certainly a few different kinds of experiences that many have that bring about a positive response.

The effects are dependent on the strain of cannabis, the setting one is in, and your own mental state. Keep reading for some common positive feelings and reactions that come about when individuals experience a good high

A Relaxing High 

As many know, cannabis is often used for its relaxing properties. This may help some relieve worry, tension, or anxiety, and can replace these feelings with calmness.

Some may seek this high after a stressful day at work or to unwind after a long day so that they can have a good night of rest. Some may seek a relaxing high to get a deeper and fuller night of sleep. 

A Creative High 

Many use cannabis because it helps to spark or inspire creativity. This is often sought out by artists and other creatives that are looking for some free-flowing inspiration as it can often kick start the creative process. Even if you are not an artist, this high could benefit anyone looking to get some ideas for a business plan or any other venture. 

An Active High 

While cannabis is often characterized as a substance that makes users sleepy and lazy, for many, using cannabis can actually make them feel energized and active. Many use strains of Stiva to get a rush of energy and endorphins. It can be a good solution for those looking for some motivation or for a little boost in their day. 

A Funny High 

Many feel so relaxed and full of feel-good endorphins that they find they cannot stop laughing or finding things hilarious when they are high. You may find that you are crying from laughing so hard or that your smiling so much your face is sore when having a smoke session with friends or when watching a funny television show. This pleasant and energetic high can be great for those who have social anxiety or just want to have a little extra fun at their next party. 

What Does It Feel Like to Have a Bad High? 

Many will chose to stop using marijuana altogether if they experience a bad high. The feelings and experiences that come with having a bad high can be different for everyone. However, like with a good high, there are some common feelings individuals feel when they have a bad experience with cannabis. 

Additionally, having a negative reaction to cannabis can be caused by many different factors such as one’s mindset, tolerance, , mental health, metabolism, as well as the strain used. In some cases, cannabis can cause negative feelings in those that it helps to alleviate in others. For some, smoking Sativa strains can cause paranoia and anxiousness, while in others it can cause a rush of energy and endorphins. 

If you experience these negative highs but still want to experiment with cannabis, looking for different strains can help.

A Paranoid High 

If you are already prone to bouts of paranoia, it’s possible that certain cannabis strains could worsen those feelings. Some may feel that their mind is wandering or going to dark or negative places after using cannabis. Some may have worries or concerns that feel genuine in the moment but completely ridiculous later on. 

Some may feel that their heartbeat is accelerating or that their palms are sweating. If this occurs, trying to talk yourself down or having some hydration and something to eat may help. This can work as a distraction while also dulling the high. 

An Insomniac High Vs. a Couch Potato High 

While some strains can be great for those looking to get a good night’s sleep, other strains can keep users up at night. This can occur when one is using a strain that is more active and creative, making it difficult to turn the brain off at night. On the other hand, some feel that they are drained of energy, causing them to feel like a couch potato. 

This is fine if someone is looking for some relaxation time, but it can be difficult for those that are trying to use cannabis while still having a productive day. Finding a hybrid or a strain with more energizing qualities may help those with this reaction. 

Some Common Types of High 

When it comes to the types of high people experience, their own body, mental state and the strain of cannabis can affect the feelings they experience.  The best way to find the right high for you is to figure out what you hope to experience from cannabis and finding a trusted dispensary to help guide you in the right direction. 

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