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List your marijuana dispensary and get started selling marijuana products in your city and state. We’ll help you become the dispensary your customers choose first every time.
Become the best marijuana dispensary and get your products on the map

Put Your Products On The Map

With our service, you’re able to become the best recreational or the best medical marijuana dispensary in your area. How? By listing your products and services on your site and putting yourself in touch with the customers who are looking for what you have to offer.

We need your expertise here in order to be successful, and you need our platform in order to reach your customers. Let’s create a partnership that helps you grow your business and expand your dispensary

Become the best marijuana dispensary with our easy to use platform

Easy To Use, Professional

We’re a professional team that prides itself on going above and beyond in everything that we do. When you list your dispensary on our site, you aren’t just selling your products. You’re creating a true partnership with a professional team that cares about helping you grow your business.

No matter what, we make you our first priority and ensure that you’re getting the best service possible

Become the best marijuana dispensary and build your brand

Gain Brand Awareness

When customers hunt formarijuana dispensary locations, they’re looking for a wide range of things. They’re hoping for dispensaries that stock all the products they need, they’re hoping formarijuana dispensaries open late, and they’re hoping for a wide variety of strains.

Many customers type into search engines “medical marijuana dispensary near me”, hoping to find the best shop. But what if you could simply be the first place they turn to?

How We Work


Step One: Get In Touch

To get started launching your marijuana dispensary on the Rollin’ Now site, all you’ll need to do is reach out to us via phone, email, or contact form. From there, we’ll learn more about your company and provide you with the answers to any questions you mighthave.

Step Two: Receive An Estimate

Next, we’ll put together a package that makes sense for you. Our team will help your dispensary by providing you with a marketing package that allows you to advertise your products in an affordable yet effective way

Step Three: List Your Store

With our platform, you’re able to list your storefront and put your products on the map in an affordable way. We’ll help you list your items and set prices so that customers can easily purchase your marijuana products. Watch as the customers start “rollin’ in”!
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We’re Your First Choice For Growing Your Dispensary Online

We’ve been helping dispensaries around the United States list their products for years, ensuring that they can grow their business and become even more successful. Work with us and know that you’re putting yourself out there with support from a top-rated team.

There are plenty of services that you can use in order to list your products and get your marijuana dispensary on the map. However, we stand out from the crowd by offering an easy to use platform that lets you list all your products without added complications.

With our technology, you can easily list, manage, and sort your products. And, you can update items as you need to, making it easy for your customers to purchase your products online.

Grow Your Dispensary

Let’s take your dispensary to the next level