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We help you find the best dispensaries in your area and get you the cannabis products you love.

Find The Goodies You Love In The Cities You Live In

Finding marijuana dispensaries locations can be tough. You need to find a shop that has all the products you’re looking for, prices that make sense for your budget, and that aren’t too far away. And, you’re looking for marijuana dispensaries open late or early morning so that you can get your goodsaround a busy schedule.

Stop searching on Google for “weed dispensary near me” or “dispensaries near me”. Instead, use a service that helps you find the best marijuana dispensary in your area. AtRollin’ Now, we put you in touch with the marijuana products you’re craving, making it easy to get your weed.

Browse products and find astore that works for your budget, taste, and location.

Quality Products, Affordable Prices

Getting good weed doesn’t have to be expensive. Our team helps you find the best marijuana products on the market at rates that you can afford. Each one of our stores has different delivery fees and pricing, meaning that there’s something out there for everyone!

What’s more, we only partner with reputable brands that offer quality products. We care about getting you the weed that you need without sacrificing quality for convenience. Know that when you turn to Rollin’ Now for your marijuana products, you’re getting goodies that you can truly count on.

Every Product Under The Sun

There are so many different marijuana products out there, and not every store carries them all. That’s why we’ve created a platform where you can shop for goodies from multiple locations and find a store that carries exactly what you’re looking for.
We’ll help you find everything you can imagine, including:

  • Gummies
  • Baked goods
  • Vape pens
  • Weed concentrates
  • Single-use products
  • Pre-rolls
  • Flowers
  • Oil
  • Tea

And so much more! No matter how you enjoy imbibing, we’ll make sure that you’ve got access to outstanding products

How We Work


Step One: Download Our App

To get started finding your fix, you’ll need to download our app and start browsing. You can search through our inventory for specific products or you can simply enjoy browsing and find something that strikes your fancy.

Step Two: Place Your Order

Next, it’s time to check out! After you’ve added your products to your cart it’s time to place your order. At checkout, you can select how you’d like to pay, making it easier than ever for you to complete your purchase.

Step Three: Get Your Goodies

The last piece of the puzzle is getting your products! We ship out every order as fast as possible so as not to keep you waiting. And, we give you a contact number so that you can get in touch with your driver if you need any additional support.
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Get The Marijuana Products You’re Craving

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