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7 Choice Cannabis Marketing Tips and Tricks to Attract More Customers

Feb 15, 2021 | Dispensary

Most businesses are able to market their products any way they want, whether it’s through commercials, online advertising, or anything else. However, the rules are different when it comes to cannabis marketing. Since the industry is so new, it’s running into new kinds of obstacles when it comes to selling products.

Stoner culture, after having to hide under people’s noses for so long, is also finally being accepted. New businesses are finding that people in it have new kinds of tastes, and need to be marketed towards differently. In many ways, marijuana marketing isn’t just about business — it’s an art.

Keep reading below to learn some cannabis marketing strategies to make sure your business doesn’t go up in smoke!

1. Cannabis Marketing Can Net High Profits

Just like any business, investing in marketing for your dispensary is bound to get you high profits. The more that you connect with audiences and build your brand, the more business you will see. People will grow to trust your dispensary and you will become the preferred location for smokers.

The best part about investing in cannabis marketing is that you don’t have to invest in just one thing. You can invest in content marketing to produce engaging materials, or social media to connect with your audience. There are tons of ways to grow your business in the industry, all in unique ways.

2. Set Your Own Style as Cannabis is About Being Yourself

The most important part of your business isn’t your products or your storefront — it’s your brand. Brands are the first thing people see about a business, they set the tone of your whole business. So, you want to invest in your brand and associate it with things that people enjoy.

For cannabis, that’s obviously smoking marijuana. Your brand should focus on giving people pleasurable highs so that they associate your products with happiness. However, that can mean several different things for your business.

Your brand may be associated with cute and bubbly things like bunnies or other animals. It could be associated with mysticism so that your brand encourages people to think deeply about the world. No matter what, your brand should simply be associated with themes in stoner culture.

3. Connect Through Conversation and Social Media

If your customers are guaranteed to be any place, it’s on social media. Stoners are usually some of the most open kinds of people to new technology and social media. There is a whole kind of TikTok called “stoner TikTok” which is all about smoking cannabis.

Bring your business to these people by posting content that they can relate to. Ask questions about their experiences with your products, and share tips as a master budtender. It will help you connect with your audience, encouraging them to buy from your company.

4. Your Website Should Have Purchasing Options

One of the most important aspects of marketing is to have a sleek and clean website. It should include a menu of the buds that you have available, as well as information about smoking in general. It should also include information about the laws in your area when it comes to marijuana.

If your website is easy to navigate, people will know that you care about your business. They’ll see that you invested time, money, and effort into making a good business. It helps them trust you.

And if your website has purchasing options where people can pick up bud, or even have it delivered to their home, you’re set. Customers won’t need to worry about selecting products in the store. They can just walk right in and pick up their order and smoke in a matter of minutes.

5. Create More Than Just Experiences — Create Content

As a dispensary, you’re in the business of delivering unique experiences people can’t find anywhere else. You should follow the same philosophy with your marketing materials and create content that people can’t find anywhere else. This can most easily be done with a blog on your website.

By putting a blog on your website, you will create a space where you can share ideas and personal insight. People will go to your blog to hear what masters in the business have to say. And when they arrive at your blog, you’ll be able to direct them to your menu to make a purchase.

6. Build a Community With Your Community

Dispensaries are currently battling against social stigma and archaic laws as the industry rises. People have preconceived notions of what smokers are like, and it’s up to the professionals to change that. That’s why you should try to work with your community to get your name out there.

Sponsor community events, take out advertisements with your local news, and reach out to your city’s social media pages. These aren’t just ways to establish yourself as a member of the community where people can go to smoke. It’s a way to tell people that you care about them, and are here to help.

7. Smokers Like to Talk, and Word of Mouth Matters

The most important part of marketing in the cannabis industry is word of mouth. As the industry continues to be built, it can run into obstacles marketing itself that other businesses wouldn’t have to face. Most smokers don’t learn about dispensaries that way.

They learn about dispensaries through word of mouth, mostly. Sometimes, that can come in the form of talking to people at a bar about their favorite strains. But in the internet age, it takes another form — reviews.

When people search for your dispensary, they will also find reviews about it. Always encourage people to leave good reviews about your business. That way, customers may trust you more than your competition and you can grow your customer base in your community.

Cannabis is a Growing Industry, so Grow With It

Cannabis marketing is not like most other kinds of marketing because of the industry it’s in. Most industries don’t face different laws between states and aren’t fighting against social stigma. Instead, they are able to simply sell their products through traditional means.

However, the cannabis industry doesn’t have those advantages and must approach marketing in new kinds of ways. Business owners may not have the time to develop those new strategies. That’s what we’re here for.

Reach out to us if you want to start marketing your dispensary. We’ll make sure your profits start getting as high as possible!