We help dispensaries and consumers find each other.

Every consumer, dispensary, and strain are completely unique. We’re here to help dispensaries gain visibility and share insights into their offerings so that consumers can find exactly what they are looking for.
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We at RollinNow are looking to help people in need by streamlining the experience for locating dispensaries. Each dispensary will have the ability to list inventor, recipes, tips/tricks; everything their consumers will need to know.

Locate dispensaries, browse product selection, and read reviews

Have an Indica or maybe a Sativa in mind? Maybe you’re not sure and you need a dispensary with amazing customer service to help you nail down exactly what you’re looking for. Search for flower, edibles, CBD oil and so much more. Filter weed near you or top reviews. We make your search easy.

For Businesses

When your dispensary is on our app, your direct customer base sees it, what’s better than that? Customers can browse, shop, and order, all from our app.
RollinNow and app to find marijuana products near your

For Consumers

Whether you consume medically or recreationally; regularly or occasionally, let Rollin Now help you find a dispensary that suits your personal style.